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Many MP3 players will not display cover art unless it is embedded in the individual MP3 files being played. That means that covers stored separately, such as in folder.jpg files, will not display. For large collections, it can be a tedious and time consuming task to update MP3 files with cover art stored as files. This is especially true if one also wants the cover art scaled down to the thumbnail size used by portable players.


MP3 Art Embedder updates MP3 files with cover art found in the nearest cover file in the MP3 file's folder hierarchy. If more than one cover file name is specified, the leftmost will take priority. The embedded cover art will be reduced in size if it is larger than a specified size. Check the what-if box to see potential changes without making them. Results are shown in the log window at the bottom of the application.

At this time, updates are limited to MP3 files that are tagged with ID3 v2.3 tags with text encoded in 8859-1 due to limitations of the library being used.


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