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MP3 Art Embedder v0.2.1

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Updated: Dec 8, 2012 by KaseWick
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Release Notes


This release has no functional changes with only changes in look.

Change list
  • Confirmation dialog now centered over application.
  • Cover art name now shown as relative name, not absolute.


Due to limitations of the ID3.NET library, the previous version may corrupt tags containing Unicode text. This version ignores such files.

Change list
  • Files with Unicode encoding are skipped.
  • What-if now works on all files without write permission.
  • Operation continues after unreadable files encountered.
  • Log text changed.


This version adds the Art file names field which allows more than one cover art file name to be specified.

Change list
  • Added field to specify cover art file names,
  • Added clipboard support to log window.
  • Fixed Cancel button not cancelling.
  • Expanded log messages.
  • Improved error handling.